Introducing Ekoj – The Keyboard That Makes Your Workday Fun!
Are you tired of the same old work routine? Say goodbye to boredom and hello to Ekoj – the multi-functional keyboard designed to bring joy and laughter to your workspace! While there are plenty of keyboards out there, none can match the unique charm and entertainment value of Ekoj.

History of Lirpa
Founded by the visionary entrepreneur Gunhilda Atsröff, Lirpa is dedicated to creating innovative products that bring joy to the workplace. The name Lirpa is from the Latin name of the Belarussian Shore Muddler. A cute animal with a face like a piglet, a squirrel’s tail and legs from a duck. The Belarussian Shore Muddler symbolizes a big variation, which is one of the company's purposes. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases, including the glowing toilet brush, twinkling coffee cup, and the highly anticipated disco ball for your computer!