Meet the new micro:bit; a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas to life. Perfect for getting creative in the classroom, the micro:bit V2 features easier ways to use sound and touch; sense and react to sounds with the built-in microphone, play sounds with the integrated speaker and the touch sensor allows for fantastic new interactions. Other enhancements include more computing power and an energy saving mode to prolong battery life. Supplied as a retail pack containing a micro:bit and quick start guide.

Nordic nRF52833 processor with 512KB Flash and 128KB RAM
5x5 LED display matrix; 25 red LEDs with 255-step intensity control
Two programmable tactile buttons for user functions
New notched edge connector makes it easier to connect things like crocodile clips and conductive thread
MEMS Microphone with LED indicator
Onboard speaker and capacitive touch sensor
Dedicated I2C bus for peripherals
LED matrix can be used to sense ambient light with software algorithm
Onboard motion sensor and temperature sensors
Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ideal for communicating with other devices such as smartphones and tablets
Full speed USB 2.0 interface via micro USB connection

Education, Embedded Design & Development

micro:bit and user guide

Packaging info

Packaging size
87 x 65 x 25 mm
Packaging weight
27 g